Be My Voice

Bringing down communication barriers.


Nowadays, deaf-mute people have different communication problems, not only because of their condition, but also because just a few people know the sign language. These communication problems affect the education, employment and social development of this people.

With Be My Voice, we aim to give deaf-mute people a way to improve their communication and thus their quality of life. In short, we propose a mobile app connected to a sensor, that allows the automatic recognition of signs and their translation to text and voice.

Currently, we have a prototype that works with the Leap Motion device, which consists of two cameras. When the user performs signs in front of the Leap Motion, the app collects and processes the data from the sensor, identifies the signs and translates them to a voice message.



Use the application without additional efforts, not only physical but also learning and efficiency.


Record and edit your own signs and set their meaning. Choose your output voice language.


The algorithms learn while you perform signs, providing a personalized service.

Scientific Support

We are researchers who study this problem and apply our knowledge to solve it through science.


Campus Universitario - Tandil
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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